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VIGIL....Nurses day special

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VIGIL....Nurses day special Empty VIGIL....Nurses day special

Post by saadat tahir on 16th May 2012, 9:32 pm

If you’re sick, or even worse
thank lord for making a nurse

Tender care and her vows
Shiny white and her bows

Broken bone or ego bruised
She by your side till its fused

Do her job with an even keel
ease the pain her patients feel

Oft she’s needed for a smile
For a dying soul, time to while

Words of comfort that she says
Beam as beacons and its rays

Do what she can to do you mend
Failing which for the doctor send

Stand by you to have you hope
As you vex and answers grope

Then there surly comes the day
She’ll lend a hand on your way

To muse the gist of a special friend
Who stood by you to the final end

saadat tahir
(May 12,2009)

saadat tahir
saadat tahir
New Member

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VIGIL....Nurses day special Empty Re: VIGIL....Nurses day special

Post by Sana Zahid on 22nd May 2012, 1:43 pm

Sana Zahid
Sana Zahid
Senior Member


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