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6 Easy Ways to Boost Your Metabolism, Informative

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6 Easy Ways to Boost Your Metabolism, Informative

Post by Haya on 15th August 2010, 9:46 am

There are many ways to boost ones metabolism. I am going to give you
five simple tips on how you can boost your metabolism very easily.

1. Always Eat Breakfast
first meal of your day is where you can jump start your metabolism.
That first meal will help you to not binge out on junk food later in the
day. You should eat within one hour of rising. Breakfast should be your
main meal of the day. Don't skimp here, include complex carbohydrates,
proteins, and some fat. This will help prevent that mid-morning energy

2. Eat Smaller Quantities More Often
This is a great time
to start a new habit, namely one of eating less food more frequently.
If you have a turkey rollup on a whole grain pita for lunch, save half
of it and eat it a couple of hours later. By doing this you will help
stabilize the blood sugar and get your metabolism revved. When you go
too many hours between fueling up your body, your body slows down to
save its energy, which greatly reduces or may even halt your effort to
lose weight.

3. Eat the Right Quantities of Food for You
you eat too small a quantity of food, that slows your metabolism down in
the same manner as not eating every couple of hours. If you are looking
for weight loss, don't stop eating! Instead reduce some of the hidden
calories you may be ingesting without thinking, like sodas, donuts,
candy, juices or most any packaged goods. Processed foods are usually
higher in fats, sugars and calories while at the same time being low in
any good nutritional content.

4. Exchange Snacking for Walking
we are feeling fatigued, most of us look to a snack to help raise our
energy levels. Most snacks aren't very healthy and may contain lots of
sugar. A better suggestion is to take a brisk 15 minute walk, which
raises your heart rate while also giving you that energy you were
looking for. Drink a glass of water when you are finished. If you truly
are hungry, and not just tired, have some peanut butter on an apple or
another protein filled snack.

5. Always Eat Some Protein at Every Meal
takes longer to digest protein, so it helps to reduce your appetite and
keeps you feeling full longer than if you ate carbs alone. Some
excellent protein ideas: hummus with whole grain pita; fruits and nuts;
or snack bars high in protein.

6. Exercise Whenever You Can
are many ways to get in some easy exercise. When you wake up stretch
your body for a few minutes. When driving to work stretch those face
muscles. Park your car at the end of the parking lot and walk in, not
only will you get exercise, your car will be safer and you may meet some
interesting people along the way. Don't use the elevator, always use
the stairs. Think about it and you'll find some creative ways to move
that body throughout the day.

Start changing your metabolism by
using just one of these suggestions, and then incorporate another when
you've mastered the first. Just wait and see how your metabolism
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Re: 6 Easy Ways to Boost Your Metabolism, Informative

Post by D.M on 16th August 2010, 1:45 pm

Nice sharing


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